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An example of exceptionally crafted pendant, is best for your Indian attire and to add twist to your western look.

TAP 413

A neckpiece can change the the look of your simplest dress or that of a designer outfit, this Bollywood designer Polki-Kundan Pendant, spinal & diamond set in sterling silver & 14k. Gold would best go with the Indian attire but would also add an ethnic twist to the western dresses.

Designer Bollywood jewelry is loved both in India and abroad. Since the last 50 years, Tempus Gems has made a for itself for crafting breath taking Bollywood jewelry. The most exotic and stylish Bollywood jewelry this season seems to chunky necklaces and waistbands encrusted with precious gemstones.

Pendant with Ruby,Polki Diamond & Single cut Diamond


Giving the glimpse of Indian fashion jewelry is this intricately crafted diamond ring.

TAR 1041

Heard, the only way to catch the uncatchable woman is to offer her wedding ring. If ring is of Single Cut Diamonds set in 14k Gold and Sterling Silver which woman would reject the proposal. It is stylish, elegant and is of girls best friend ‘diamonds’, what are you thinking of; throw the bait and catch the fish. Gross Wt. 10.600




People who love Indian traditional diamond jewelry this one is a treat for them. It is an exclusive piece from the collection of Bollywood inspired jewellry by Tempus gems.

TAN 214

Treat yourself with this charming and ethnic necklace & earring with Rosecut Diamond set in 14k. Gold & Sterling Silver . It would best go with your Indian attire or give an Indian edge to your western outfit. Gross Wt. 109.600


TAN 206

Accentuate the beauty of your neck and let your ears catch the attention for this resplendent necklace and Earring set. The sheen of emerald, shine of rose Cut and sparkle of single Cut Diamonds set in 14k precious gold and bright sterling silver makes it an object of jealousy. Watch the fumes engulf the party as you walk-in wearing this gorgeous set. Gross Wt. 43.050

Pendant : L – 77 MM, W – 49 MM, Earring -L : 42 MM, W – Top – 21 MM, Bottom – 8 MM


Mughal Polki Ring tmr560

TMR 560

No one can evade the spell the jewelry range inspired by Mughal eon casts, this gold ring with Polki would personify the magic. Backed with fine and beautiful enamel work on the fiery gold, these features add richerche and luxuriance for which Mughal period is still known for.

Indian jewelry became synonymous with high quality craftsmanship during the Mughal era. This art gave birth to unique jewelry pieces studded with chunky gemstones and enameled motif designs. Nowadays, most of the jewelry from this period can be found in national museums, art houses and some are with private collectors. Mughal jewelry regained its popularity thanks to period movies like Paakiza, Taj Mahal and Jodha Akhbar.

Ring with Fine Polki Diamnd and Enamel work set in 22k Gold.
Gross Wt. 14.400