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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

Cleaning Tips

   Caring Tips

  • Slip the Jewelry pieces into individual zip-lock bags or wrap in soft cloth to store them so they do not scratch against each other. If space is an issue, place the jewelry in between layers of cotton wool and seal it in a good plastic bag.
  • Keep the jewelry away from water or dampness. Do not use damp cloth or water or any other liquid or soapy solution. Never Use detergent/soap/powder/toothpaste to clean your jewelry.
  • Apply makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on your jewelry. Do not spray perfume, body spray, dye or any other chemicals on any part of your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when doing household tasks such as gardening, cleaning and household repairs or other strenuous activities such as sport.
  • Do not wear jewelry while in a swimming pool or hot tub or bathing. Do not store jewelry next to heating vent, window sill, or in the car. Store jewelry away from sunlight


     Cleaning Tips

  • Clean your Jewelry using a soft lint free cloth or soft bristled brush to help get grime out of crevices.
  • You can also remove tarnish with a polishing cloth.
  • Please clean gently particularly if your jewelry has a more delicate finish.
  • When travelling protect your jewelry pieces from scratches or other impact, damage by padding it in a separate box or case.


Please take special care of ROSECUT DIAMOND JEWELRY.

Kindly make sure it does not come in direct contact with water in any way; be it shower, sauna, washing hands or doing dishes.

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