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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

Jewelry Styles

Indians and gold sound synonymous. In India be it a wedding or any other celebration does not culminates until there is a gift of gold. Indian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world and to enhance or define their beauty are these gold ornaments. From eons gold has been the one metal which has kissed the beauty of all Indian women.

The only metal that has left even men, bewitched and beguiled with its luster. India is a treasure trove of this expensive and auspicious metal that has attracted even tourist to the country. Indian jewelry, from ages has been a piece of ingenious craftsmanship, matchless and intricate designs and immaculate and swift use of various other metals, semi-precious and precious stones. It has also reflected the opulence, prosperity and prestige of the rulers, traditions and culture that still is ubiquitous in the country.Women, be a bride, a wife or a daughter love to adorn themselves with gold, this love is beyond age. Lets look at some of the trend that adds dazzle and sheen to their coffer, even today.

Bridal gold jewelry: As mentioned the yellow sheen of this metal has from time immemorial has been considered propitious, especially when the wedding bells ring. Brides do not complete their trousseau shopping of jewelry until one of these embellishes their vanity. Currently, jewelry designers looking at the augmentation in the demand are now giving an edge to the traditional designs with a dash of contemporary.

Get some exquisite pieces of this art on tempusgems.com. The most in demand among the exotic collection is TGE 301 and TMN 278. These ornaments ooze out the quaintness and opulence of temple jewelry. But the addition of pearls at the end in this gold drop-down pair of earrings and the gold pendant of Lord Krishna strung beautifully with beads of Rudraksh accentuates the divinity and adds contemporary style to both.

Meenakari jewelry: Meenakari or enameling was brought to the glory by the aesthete and majestic Mughal ruler Akbar. If we revert to the times, the kings and queens even courtesans were seen wearing some excellent and splendid ornaments garnished by meenakari work. If you are one of the cognoscente of this work then you must check out the resplendent and recherché assortment of this jewelry at tempusgems.com.

Bollywood designer Jewelry: For those who follow the Indian film industry and its ever changing fashion landscape, cannot possibly be immune to its influence on the Indian jewelry industry. For example, a period film like Jodhaa Akbar – a romanticized interpretation of Mughal emperor marriage to a Rajput princess had a transformational effect on consumers. Soon after the release of the film, Mughal and Rajputana jewelry with their intricate styles became a rage and even after four years, they are still in demand. Jodhaa Akbar jewelry as Mughal jewelry has colloquially christened is an excellent example of archaic designing style discovering a market in the 21st century.

Pairing gold and diamond: The confluence of the two most loved and adored piece of jewels have left its aficionados wanting for more, gasping. This twist, though not recent, has actually riveted men and women. Men, when comes to buying for their lady love can never go wrong with this mix. Women on the other hand have always been mesmerized with the sheen of gold and sparkle of diamond, when they get both in one they are on a binge. For such women it is a must to look at the exquisite Pave Diamond jewelry and rosecut diamond jewelry collection of Tempus gems. 

Jewelry galore! Yes nothing can beat that, the matchless caliber of craftsmen and artisans, unprecedented designs and style are some highlights of this age old fashion of India. Nothing can surpass the shine and resplendence of gold, it has proved its mettle by withstanding the change in times.

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