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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

Mughal Antique Jewelry

The Timeless Beauty of Mughal Jewlery

Jewelry has always adorned every occasion and from time immemorial has been the imperative part of the woman’s vanity. In a country like India, jewelry signifies the culture and tradition of the country. The attire of an Indian woman is considered to be incomplete until ornaments ornate her, embrace her. But jewelry gained its importance when India was under the reign of Mughals. This era was an epoch of royalty, luxuriousness, ritz and recherché the reflection of which can be seen even in their jewels and dresses.  Even today, jewelry from this part of the time is making its presence felt both in parties and on the ramp. Antique Indian Jewelry has embellished even the international ramps including the Mecca of Fashion, Milan. Be it earrings, bangles or neck-piece people gasp for more as the designs and imperialism of Mughal antique jewelry is unprecedented. The magnificence and intricacy of the work of Mughal era is still the most voguish, exquisite, exclusive and celebrated.

Tempusgems.com is one stop destination for people who love shopping online and for the world wide connoisseurs of this jewelry who love to own it but are miles away. The Mughal brought the era of daintiness, royalty and refinement. The jewelry represents the finest era of India that was rich, classy and had an eye for details. Ornaments of Mughal age were beautifully carved and whittled to embellish and accentuate the posh clothes of that time. Though chunky and meticulously hewn they were subtle and luxurious.

They were the symbol, like today, of status and prestige. The craftsmanship was impeccable unrivalled, the specialities of this jewelry was the enamelling, motifs of both Hindu and Muslim religion and since the rulers then loved uncut gems, the ornaments were huge, uncut tumbled with cabochons and beads. The amalgamation of Muslim style, like paisley and flowers, Hindu way of goldwork and generous sue of the stone made these ornaments unique and precious.

In India enamelling process is majorly known as either ‘Meenakari’ or ‘Jadau, but also includes work like ‘Thewa’ and ‘Filigree’. The designs, the colors, make it apparent that how painstaking the work was, as these antique rings or antique necklaces can transform a simple attire into a resplendent ensemble ready to land you on the red carpet and steal the show. Today many celebs around the world love to don and give a traditional twist to their western attire with these ravishing and opulent ornaments. The demand of such traditional antique Indian jewelry is on the rise as they bestow their aficionados with a bejeweled look that can color anyone green.



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