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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

TME 999

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Earrings with Blush Ruby with Sheen of Gold-tme999

Mughals are known for opulence but with subtlety, these pair of danglers establish their swanky taste. Set in gold and encrusted with ravishing ruby and pristine polki, these earrings exudes the freshness of today. Drawing from best of both the world they can be worn with both ethnic and urban fashion.

During the Mughal rule, jewelry-making was given utmost importance. The kings and princesses of the Mughal kingdom favored heavy, chunky jewelry made of gold, semi-precious and precious stones. Intricate Mughal jewelry sported by the actors of period films like Taj Mahal, Umrao Jaan and recent blockbuster Jodha Akhbar, contributed a lot to its popularity.

Earring with Ruby and Polki Diamond set in 22k Gold.
Gross Wt. 20.450

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