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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

TME 962

Bewitching Polki and Enticing Emerald -tme962
€0.00 (EUR)

Hear everyone whispering of your haute fashion sense as these royal and rich earrings set the pitch for you. Play by your ears and let everyone know that you have an eye fro fine and vogue. The blend of emerald and polki in these earrings is lethal lending an ethereal and divine touch to mesmerise the beholders.

India has always been obsessed with Bollywood jewelry. At Tempus Gems, we take great pride in creating authentic designer jewelry inspired by Indian period films. Since the last 50 years, Tempus Gems has made a name for itself for crafting breath taking Bollywood jewelry.

Earring with Emerald & fine Polki set in 22k. Gold
Gross Wt. 54.700

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