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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

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Scintillating Coral and Diamond Pendant-18

The mystifying coral, a quality imbibed from the origin, and the charm of diamond comes together to spell bound you in this pendant. Design is native of Mughal era, therefore certainly qualifying for the antique jewelry. The in-fad Mughal jewelry can make you take away the limelight in a jiffy, so if that’s on your mind for the soiree then this pendant is a pre-requisite for your evening raiment.

The Mughal rulers of the Indian sub continent were known for their love of jewelry. Only precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds were used in designing jewelry. Till a few years basic these magnificent examples of Indian heritage could only be found in museums. Mughal jewelry regained the glory due to the popularity of great historical Bollywood films.

Carved coral & Polki diamond pendant.

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