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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

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Refulgent Diamond and Tourmaline Pendant-17

A design that can take your breath away, marveling work with precious and semi-precious stones like diamond and tourmaline, such is the consolidation of this swanky pendant. This pendant though throwing the glimpse of Mughal era, has its roots in the current fashion alley as well. Thereby, be your attire be retro or modern, this tourmaline and diamond pendant would accompany both suitably.

Indian jewelry became synonymous with high quality craftsmanship during the Mughal era. Mughal royalty liked its jewelry chunky and encrusted with precious stones. Once the Mughal period ended, their unique jewelry style also died out with time. Some of Bollywood’s biggest hits – it’s period films – inspired the resurgence of Mughal jewelry.

Fine Tourmaline studded with Polki Diamond pendant in 22k. gold.

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