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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

TMR 604

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Chunky jewelry is in-vogue, spot this latest trend with this magnificent and divine ruby and emerald ring. A multi-purpose ring that would accessorize both contemporary and ethnic raiment. Flash your love for this uber stylish fashion with this divine halo around your finger.

Both Indian living in the country and NRIs living abroad continue to fuel the demand for Bollwyood jewelry. The individual jewelry pieces are popularized by the dazzling beauties of Bollywood in movies and bridal fashion shows. When we talk about Bollywood Jewelry, Tempus Gems comes right on top. The most exotic and stylish Bollywood jewelry this season seems to be smitten by chunky necklaces, rings and waistbands encrusted with precious gemstones.

Ring with Ruby & Emerald set in 22k. Gold Gross Wt. 10.120

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