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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

TMR 609

Envious Emerald And Graceful Gold Ring-tmr609
€0.00 (EUR)

Rings have always denoted love be it for jewelry or of your man. This enigmatically carved ring can be a great gift to be given to any woman, regardless of her age. The Emerald in the center give a zing to the ring, thereby becoming a ring that can be worn with every attire.

As Indians, our love for designer jewelry gets reflected in all our period films. The Bollywood jewelry crafted by our designers boast of rich tastes and classical styles. When we talk about Bollywood Jewelry, Tempus Gems is right on top.

Ring with intricate Carving on Gold and Emerald set in 22k Gold
Gross Wt. 12.350

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