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Antique Indian Jewelery
Antique Indian Jewelery

Rosecut Diamond Jewelry

History of Rose cut Diamond Jewelry

Rose Cut Diamond jewelry, has gained its demand in recent times, it is now the most in-vogue form of cut that customers are looking forward in their ornaments. The brilliance, the fire and the spark that this cut provides to the jewellry is mesmirizing and to the hilt feminine.

The most alluring part of it is inherit light diffusing feature of this cut, it is like light pouring through the clear water. Rose cut diamonds were introduced in 16th century in Golconda, India and was given the name because of its resemblance to flower’s spiraling petals. What varies is the depth of the cut, it is intensive and laborious, the bigger the piece, the more challenging it is to cleave and polish since they must have same surface.

Diamonds are fashioned through cleaving and polishing, to conserve such a rare and precious commodity, the rose cut was developed when the irregularity in the shapes of jewelry started hurting the eyes of those who were the connoisseurs. Rose cut or polki diamonds as they are known in India has a flat bottom and domed top covered with triangular facets.

The earliest and the most basic rose cut was known as Gothic rose, that had only three facets, although later the height of the dome and number of facets were determined by the size and thickness of each cleavage piece. The fluidity and daintiness of an ornament is accentuated when these rose cut diamonds are placed in pave setting. Not only in India, the charm and the dazzle of this cut enchanted even the Europeans in 16th century. Though rose cut jewelry lost its importance in around 18th century but gained the interest in 20th century when people wanted to sport or bring forth the wink, the glitz and recherché of 18th century also known as Baroque ornaments.

Today designers are reverting to the once antiquated fashion in jewelry, couturiers in order to achieve neo-classical, retro look bank on the rose cut diamond ornaments. Today these are adorning the ramps across the world. However, in order to carve their own niche designers or cutters these days are being adventuresome and venturing by introducing shapes like briolettes, pendeloques and other forms of rose cut as compared to the cliché oval, round, pear or triangular.

The flurry of interest in this cut is back with a bang, the opulence, royalty and glitz that this paragon oozes out is unrivaled. Donning this is the hallmark of ending the evening in glee and colouring everyone green.

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